Recycled 3D Printing Filaments

Here you can find our range of recycled 3D printing materials and re-usable items.



A recycled PLA 3D printing filament that will not cost you an arm or a leg and will print just the same as a regular PLA. Also comes on a recycled cardboard reel. Bulk Discounts Available.

Reflow rPLA

Reflow rPLA is a bioderived material originally produced from corn starch but recycled again from food packaging waste sourced in the Benelux region. Its easy to print with, durable with excellent print quality.

Fiberlogy rPLA

Fiberlogy rPLA is a sustainable PLA made from recycled materials that offer excellent print quality. Its eco-friendliness makes it an excellent choice for those who prioritize sustainability without sacrificing print performance.

PIPG (Recycled PETG)

Recycled Post Industrial PET-G has been created from the waste of previous filament processing, balancing the time, money and industrial energy it takes to produce this 100% recycled material.

Reflow rPETG

Made from 79 bottles of 100% recycled plastic! Reflow's flagship rPETG is sourced from leading local recyclers. Its durable and easy to use, with exceptional visual and mechanical performance.

PolyTerra Edition R

Introducing PLA Edition-R, the latest addition to Polymaker's sustainable line, Polyterra. Made with 30% post-industrial recycled PLA, Edition-R takes sustainability to the next level.
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Francofil 100% Bio-Based Filament

Original filaments made from mussel shells, oysters, scallops, scraps of wheat, beer spent & coffee grounds which print like standard PLA

Proto-pasta Still Colourful PLA & PETG

Proto-pasta's conservative range of recycled PETG & PLA, featuring some of their signature colours.

eSUN Re-useable Spool

Save money on filaments by using refills and the eSUN re-useable spool. eSpool can be assembled and disassembled freely for repeat usage, recyclable and eco-friendly.

eSUN eVacuum Kit

Keep your filaments dry and dust free with an easy-to-use vacuum kit. Available with and without pump.