SMRRF – Sanjay Mortimer Reprap Foundation Event 2023

SMRRF – Sanjay Mortimer Reprap Foundation Event 2023

This wasn’t just your typical 3D printing exhibition; it was a convergence of innovation, technology, and personal connections, all in celebration of this remarkable technology fuelled by passion and empathy.

The event unveiled some ground-breaking innovations and future technologies that are certainly worth keeping an eye on. Though what truly set it apart was the sense of camaraderie, the rich interactions, and unwavering support from some of the most renowned figures in the 3D desktop printing sphere, both in social and professional contexts.
3D FilaPrint Ltd took immense pride in being a prominent gold sponsor for the 2023 event and eagerly anticipates its continued involvement in carrying forward Sanjay’s incredible legacy into 2024.

Remarkably, this inaugural event raised a staggering profit of 55K for the foundation, a truly impressive achievement.  The e3D team deserves immense credit for their accomplishments. A heartfelt thank you extends to Sanjay’s mother, who graciously shared personal stories with attendees, offering a profound insight into the extraordinary person that Sanjay Mortimer was.

May his legacy endure for generations to come. There is no doubt that this foundation will expand to play a significant role in supporting neurodivergent individuals from all walks of life across the globe. You can read more about the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation here.

The weekend exhibition served as a perfect platform for 3D FilaPrint Ltd to narrate and stage present its own journey to an engaged and passionate 3D enthusiast audience. It was an ideal opportunity to convey our unwavering passion for 3D printing, a passion shared by all who gathered within Oxford university Examination Halls. For us, it is not just a technology but a way of life, and we are eager to share our knowledge for the benefit of others.

While we certainly do not wish to rush through time, we eagerly await the arrival of SMRRF 2024!

Check out some of the awesome things we saw at SMRRF 2024

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