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3D Scanner

The Photon 3D scanner -Christmas update

  We were hoping that the scanner would be here for Christmas 2013, however this is not the case.  Have no fear though this is definitely something worth waiting for in 2014. News from the Guys… First run parts are back from painting so we thought we’d post some teaser shots. Mean, horrible teaser shots. […]

3D Scanner

The Photon 3D scanner – Getting closer

The guys at Matterform HQ have announced when the new 3D scanners will be shipped out.  This means if we keep our fingers crossed it could be here for Christmas, what a prize draw that will be! “After thousands of queries about when sales would open we’re excited to announce that the time is NOW. Our […]


The Scanadu Scout – Revolutionary

Another revolutionary product. A hand held scanner packed with sensors that enables  anyone to conduct sophisticated physical exams — in a snap. Simply place the Scanadu Scout™ to the forehead. As if it is reading your mind, the Scanadu Scout™ detects problems early. It  potentially decreases hospital readmissions, and the costs of managing chronic conditions […]


Feast your eyes on this little Kickstarter

“To bring 3D printing technology into everyone’s home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!” Is the kind of bold statement that we like to support and having seen the videos for this particular project and noting that it supports WiFi, and is super cool looking (especially if they include […]