The Final Countdown

Ok so the team are getting nearer to their goal – what an excellent story so far and they have kept us in touch all the way.

Their latest update – make sure you check out the video.

UPDATE: LAST DAY!!! 11 HOURS TO GO! We’re down to mere hours and all we can say is thanks. At the time of writing we’ve blown past our original goal and we’re at 572% ! We can’t thank all of you enough for the trust and support you’ve shown us. If you’ve been on the fence, you’ve still got time today to get in on the campaign.

We’ll write a more detailed post tomorrow, but for today Drew and I would just like to say thanks. Thanks for letting us quit our jobs and make our own company. We spent years throwing great ideas out there and having bosses or managers say no.

We threw this idea out to you guys, and you all said yes. You’re awesome, this is awesome. We’re going to give you something we’re proud of.