The Morpher folding safety helmet


Just back from another long, long day at the factory.

I guess that my experience leads me to conclude that a healthy dose of scepticism leads one closer to realism in China… Certainly with Strategic Sports Limited (SSL), although all of my ex-pat friends tell me that delays and broken promises are common to all factories.

If it wasn’t for the fact that SSL were so big, so obviously capable with all kind of helmets, technically adept (conehead technology) and had so many of the world’s leading helmet brands as customers I would have sought another manufacturer long ago. I (we) just have to accept that this is China and things move along at their own excruciatingly slow pace.

All of which is a long winded way of telling you that the promised  prototype wasn’t ready for me today!

It’s now been promised for tomorrow PM… between us, if it arrives before the end of Wednesday I’ll be amazed.

On the plus side, I do feel now that we are on the home strait with the catch. This will be a huge milestone for us when it is completed to my satisfaction.

So I will update you again this week as soon as I have the new prototype…
I can’t do more than my best… I really would if I could.

Thank you all in anticipation of your continued understanding

Best regards


13 hours ago


It’s 8.25 am in ChangPing and I’ve just been picked up by the factory van to take me to the factory for what should be a very big day in Morpher’s lifetime… It’s dull, polluted, drizzling and about 35 degrees C (95 F). It’s gonna be another hot one!

For the past couple of weeks we have be redesigning the catch as, despite copious factory assurances to the contrary, they were completely unable to manufacture the catch as it was originally designed… During my last visit here I tried to make a radical change as I more than suspected that this was the case but the factory convinced me that with some more tweaking of the current design all would be well… so much for that. All that we’ve achieved with their assurances is the loss of another 3 months!

So we have done a complete redesign which should actually make for a far better clasp than we originally had… We finally completed 3D CAD designs on Friday and they have promised me a prototype by today. Obviously I am excited but also have a healthy dose of scepticism based on my experiences so far. On a positive note, I have to say that the Pro-E CAD computer operator that was working with the team was extraordinary. I’ve never seen such speed or competence from a CAD operator. He is incredible and watching the speed with which he creates new 3d designs is simply magical.

The redesign should make the helmet easier to open and secure and will be just as easy to close. Also it shouldn’t have any negative effect on testing…

I’ll get back to you later with the result of today’s visit…