Tonys Pinball Creation reference guide

Tonys PinBall - Southend on sea Themed

Tonys PinBall - Southend on sea Themed
The playfield is a planar surface inclined upward from three degrees away from the player and includes multiple targets and scoring objectives.
Ramp - Bowling Ally
Front Panel - ArtWork
Southend themed; Silhouette of the famous Southend Pier and the Plane to represent Southend airport.
Score Board
Score Reel, Inspired by Original score board instead of LED or Nexie tube style.
Kick-outs - Saucers
A shallow hole with a kicker inside. The ball remains visible on the playfield and is kicked out either straight up (usually into a duct or rail chute) or sideways back onto the playfield.
Keeping the theme consistent, ghost legends of Southend on Sea.
Bumpers are round constricting central pillars that, when hit, will actively push the ball away.
These are static targets that simply record when a ball strikes them. They are also known as spot targets or stand-up targets. which activate different sounds and award points.
The flippers are one or more small mechanically or electromechanically controlled levers, roughly 3cm to 7cm in length, used for redirecting the ball up the playfield.
Kickers and Sling-Shot
Kickers and slingshots are rubber pads which propel the ball away upon impact, like bumpers, but are usually a horizontal side of a wall.
Insert Coin
Coin operated to give and authentic 50's touch.
The plunger is a spring-loaded rod with a small Knob at the end, use to propel the ball into the playfield.