Tonys Pinball Creation reference guide

The Stop

While working on the concept of the Pinball how it will look and work, Tony created the mock up version of the playfield with wood and was testing the solenoids for the bumpers, follwoing one of the many tests one of the bumpers solenoids "stuck on" and heated to the point where it caught fire while away at lunch, which resulted in a total meltdown of all plastics and electronics.
To make sure this problem doesn't occur in the future tony introduced the safety feature in the 3D printed pinball machine if the bumper or any solenoid get stuck more than 5 sec. it will shut down the whole power supply so it won't heat up and catch fire. and if the pinball is not in use for 45Sec. it will turn off the main power source and go on demo mode until you insert the coin and start playing.
Tony's pinball has a modular approach when created. if any module stop working it can easily swap out with working one or replace with a total different version of the item.