Tonys Pinball Creation reference guide
  • 2. Tony's PinBall Machine

2. Tony's PinBall Machine

I am a retired software engineer who started work as an apprentice electronic engineer working on hardware and then moved on to software as computers and microprocessors became available, working mainly on avionic electronic equipment. I have also done model engineering as a hobby and also do DIY.  All these activities as well as some artwork are fully used in creating a pinball machine.
The idea
The current machine was inspired by the desire for a seaside related item, with a seaside theme for the 3D FilaPrint stand at TCT 2016 at the NEC.  The machine follows a fairly traditional  1960’ /1970’s layout including the traditional score drum wheels but with the addition of a ramp, some ornaments and sound.
In action at the NEC TCT 2016
All lit up!