Upscaling 3D printers

Now Adam and Drew have called on the big boys to create the parts they need for the 3D Photon scanner… here is the place where the big monies are spent.

UPDATE: 3D Phacktory

Recently we took a trip to Toronto based 3D Phacktory to get two of our main parts printed in high resolution. Our current parts were printed by us and they fit well, but they’re not perfect. In order to get accurate scans we need precision parts that can only come from a professional machine. The parts we got are closer to the finals we’ll be getting manufactured, and let us add an extra level of polish.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, or you do but you’re looking for higher quality prints, 3D Phacktory is a great place for getting professional high resolution prints. Check out their website, or if you’re in the Toronto area, check out their store front.