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tct 2015

3D FilaPrint at the TCT 2016 show- With our fully 3D Desktop printed Pinball Machine

James Bruton TCT 2016 VLOG

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Thanks for the VLOG James of XRobots

Another amazing experience at the TCT 2015 Exhibition

  • Several of the 3D FilaPrint & GloblaFSD Team Enjoying the TCT 2015 show
  • Hassan & The Spin & Win Wheel
  • R2 By James of Xrobots
  • Getting ready! Left to right, Hassan - Tony - Tim - Yuliya
  • 3D Benchys from GlobalFSD
  • Tim & Tony with James of Xrobots fame at the TCT show 2016
  • 3D Printed 3/4 bagatelle
  • A working test your nerve using Proto-Pasta Conductive filament
  • A chance to win some exotic filaments!
  • Stainless Steel plaque unpolished
  • Fixing up the bunting!
  • By James of Xrobots
  • Fiats, Drones & Others by Laurent Muchacho

Our visit to the London 3D Print Show 2015


Now this is interesting!

photo-original (512 x 384)


A film by Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud.  Just a short trailer, but amazing nonetheless.

Chase Me combines the magic of film with the wonder of 3D printing. This short film follows a ukelele-playing girl who is chased through a dark forest by the monster that emerges from her own shadow.

Filmmaker Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud spent two years 3D printing 2,500 parts to create each frame of the film. From the characters to the set, all elements were printed using the Formlabs’ Form 1+ SLA 3D Printer. Each precise detail comes together to form a beautiful representation of a magical world.


 CLIP Leading 3D Printing Technology

TCT 2014, What a great show!

 Ricky had a great time at the 2013 3D Print Show in London, here are just a few of his pictures.

Almost had to drag him out of there!

Had a superb day at the Brighton Maker Faire on Saturday 7th September 2013, so many activities for all ages and interests.  We even had Dave designing his own light up badge.  You can check out more of the photos on our Facebook page.


At the Royals Shopping Centre Southend On Sea

 3D FilaPrint Around the world

Where will you print today

Where will you print today, is an opportunity to let everyone know just how much 3D desktop printing is taking over the world.  From Kuala Lumpur to the Philippines, Venice to Vietnam, 3D printing is globe trotting and so are we! Download one of our poster images from below, choose your preferred size, print it off and display it in a prominent position anywhere you may be around the world – we are giving away a unique 3D FilaPrint iPhone cover to everyone who sends us in a photograph.

wherewillusherineza - Beiruit


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